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Department Changes (Promotions, Retirements, New Postions)

State Fire Marshall Stacy McIntire promoted to Lieutenant

State Fire Marshall Stacy McIntire was promoted on March 17, 2011 from Detective to Lieutenant. He has been with the state for 6 years, is stationed at the Lake Wales Field Office, and is First Line Supervisor to Detectives. Lieutenant McIntire can be contacted at stacy.mcintire@myfloridacfo.com

Detectives Arrest Lakeland Police Officer
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POLK COUNTY (Bay News 9) -- Detectives arrested a Lakeland police officer in connection with the case of a missing Polk County lottery winner.

Investigators say 42-year-old Troy McKay Young pulled information from law enforcement databases and gave it to the woman considered a person of interest in the disappearance of Abraham Shakespeare.

Young was compensated for the information, Sheriff Grady Judd said.

"The sad part about this is that for a check in the amount of $200 and an airplane ticket for his daughter, he gave up a 19-year career with the Lakeland Police Department," Judd said.

According to reports, Young met the woman in August 2009 through a mutual acquaintance. She told Young that she wanted to write a story about Shakespeare, and that she wanted him to corroborate the story as he had credibility.

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Detectives said Young admitted that the woman had given him tag numbers, and he had given her personal information about the vehicles' owners in exchange.

Young is facing charges of unlawful compensation, a second-degree felony, and misuse of confidential information, a misdemeanor.

Shakespeare was reported missing in November 2009, seven months after he was last seen by his family. Now investigators said they believe he was murdered.

Young's colleagues said they found his arrest shocking, especially as, prior to this, his record had been clean.

"He is obviously innocent until proven guilty," said department spokesperson Jack Gillen. "This is not consistent in any way, shape, or form with the Troy Young that I've known for the last 15 years."

Bay News 9 is not naming the person of interest, as she has not been formally charged with a crime.


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